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Civil engineer's corner

For professionals: 

1.  PSC Girder Bridge Construction-All about PSC bridge

2.  Bitumen Road Construction with Sensor Paving Technology-All about Roads

3.  Green Road - TiO2 in Road Pavement Reduces NOx-Innovative idea to save our earth

4. Works of Civil Engineer & Work Sequence of Building-The basics of apartment/villa construction (real estate)

5.  List of Civil Engineering Softwares -Latest softwares for civil engineers

6.  List of Web sites for Civil Engineers-Visit regularly for knowledge updation

7. Borewell & Pumps - Complete Guide

8. Water Tank - Buying Guide

9. Plastering

10. ASCE SmartBrief - Best Civil Engineering Free News Letter

11.Civil Engineer / Surveyor License in India - Get licence and membership


13.Plain Cement Concrete (PCC)

14.Marking with Total Station

15.Bar Bending Schedule(BBS)

16.Civil engineering co-efficients

17.How to do quick estimate of high rise building

18. Current construction workers rate in Tamil Nadu / India

19. Current construction material rates in Tamil Nadu / India

20. Aluminium Formwork (S-Form Shuttering) - Mivan shuttering

21. Conventional Formwork (Plywood shuttering)