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Marking with total station

        Marking is the process of establishing temporary frames of references, so as to use them to complete a given activity according to its dimensional and positional requirements
        Marking helps in maintaining
       Dimensional accuracy
       Nullifying or minimizing errors

Price of total station is starting from one lakh rupess varies upto 10lakhs based on features and accuracy.

We recommend SOKKIA for optimal usage.,

First step we need to take permanent benchmarks and transfer it to the site.
Then TBM(Temporary Bench Mark) need to be established in the site.
There co-ordinates (longitude and lattitude) with GPS device need to be marked down. From there as a reference, we need minimum two back sight which co-ordinates are known.

So instrument can  be setup and new points can be marked now.(i.e foresight)
Surveyor operating total station

Plain Cement Concrete (PCC) for Footing

Plain Cement Concrete is done to make the marking for footing exactly and for giving a solid base for the shuttering and reinforcement of footing and column.

Marking for PCC
Runners are kept on boundaries of PCC


Excavation is the process of removing the soil.
Tools required:
1.Excavator - For excavation of soil

For big projects we use, excavators manufactured by CAT/VOLVO/JCB/Hitachi/Komatsu L&T
For small projects we use, backhoe loader
Own Basis:
  • JCB 2DX Rs.15lakhs 
  • Diesel 4litre/1hour
  • Driver rate : 15000-25000/month
Rental Basis:
  • Rent : Rs.600/hr (incl driver & diesel)
  • Min 8hr/day work need to be given. 
2.Tipper/Tractor - For shifting of excess soil to the dumping location

  • TATA LPK1613
  • Rate : Rs.17lakhs
  • Capacity : 8.5 Cubic meter (300cft)

  • Prima LX 2528.K
  • Rs.25lakhs
  • Capacity : 16 cum (600cft)

  • Sonalika DL730II
  • Price : 4lakhs
  • Power: HP 30
  • Methodology:
    Levelling the land with Loader/Grader
    Marking with lime powder

    Excavator loading in Tipper

    After Excavation Surface Trimming & Compoaction

    How to construct a house/home/villa/building/bungalow

    Here I am showing you all a typical G+2 villa construction, based on my experience of 10 bungalow constructions. Click on each heading for detailed description on each topics. 
    My plot size is 11m wide and 20.5m length i.e 2400 sq.ft
    1. Marking the site layout
    2. Excavation
    3. PCC for Footing
    4. Marking for footing
    5. Reinforcement
    6. Shuttering
    7. Concreting of footing
    8. Starters for columns
    9. Column casting
    10. Backfilling & Compaction
    11. Anti Termite Treatment
    12. PCC for Plinth Beam 
    13. Plinth Beam casting
    14. Grade slab concreting
    15. GF Columns concreting
    16. GF Roof casting
    17. FF Columns concreting
    18. FF Roof casting
    19. SF Columns concreting
    20. SF Roof casting
    21. Block work with lintels
    22. Hacking
    23. Electrical works & Electrical conduits packing
    24. Mesh fixing
    25. Bull Fixing
    26. Corner Bead Fixing
    27. Internal Plastering of ceiling & wall
    28. External Plastering
    29. Window Grylls & Hand Rails Fixing
    30. Marble flooring & skirting
    31. Plumbing pipe installation in toilets & kitchens
    32. Wall Tiling
    33. Screeding
    34. Water Proofing (Under tile)
    35. Floor Tiling
    36. False ceiling works
    37. Grouting - wall & floor tiles
    38. Plumbing Fixtures Installation
    39. POP works
    40. 2coats Putty, 1coat primer & 2coat paint (after final checking/snagging
    41. Terrace water proofing, insulation works screeding & tiling
    42. Wooden Doors installation
    43. Aluminum Doors and Windows/Ventilators fixing
    44. Hand Rails Installation
    45. Electrical Fixtures - Wiring & Switches
    46. Shaft Door fixing
    47. External Putty Works,Texture & Paint
    48. Compound wall & Gate
    49. Gardening works
    50. Road and Infrastructure Features