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In this day and age of fast living and stress related illnesses, we need to find something that will bring a more balanced relaxed rhythm into our lives.

Need of meditation: 
1.  Reduces the amount of stress hormones released into the body
2.  Boosts the immune system
3.  Lowers the incidence of heart disease and strokes, and helps to regulate blood pressure
4.  It can also have a dramatic effect on your mental and psychological health
5.  You have a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem
6.  When you practice meditation, you’ll have less anxiety, anger and depression.
7.  You’ll tend to have better relationships and feel more fulfilled in your life.

First you know your mind better:

Bhagavad Gita Wallpapers - Quotes from bhagavad gita- bhagavad gita tamil

Gita Charam in tamil

Essence of Bhagavad gita - what is the bhagavad gita about- the bhagavad gita as it is- bg as it is

 Bhagavad gita is a part of Mahabharata and Atharvaveda is a holy book of Hindu. Lord Krishna answers  to Arjuna's questions (common man like us). Basically it answers to five common questions which is called Artha panchakam. They are:
1.  Who am I? (Jeevathma Svarupam)
2.  Who created me? (Paramathma Svarupam)
3.  Why I born? (Virodhi Svarupam)
4.  Which is Dharma (good action)? (Upaya Svarupam)
5.  What is the use of this birth? (Prapya Svarupam)
1.  Who am I? (Jeevathma Svarupam)
I am not my name.
I am not a body.
I am not mind .
I am a soul (Jeevathma)
Properties of soul:
1)No birth/No death, 
2)Doesn't undergo any change, 
3)Made of knowledge, 
4)We can't see, 
5)Only if it combined with body it can enjoy the joy and sad, 
6)It lies in your heart, 
7)Every soul is equal, 
8) It is a slave for God.Like your body is slave for your soul, it is doing work for you. Like that you need to work for god.Your brain does not have knowledge, but your soul have knowledge
9) Jeevathma is  slave for Paramathma(God) which lies inside Jeevathma. Jeevathma is  a body for paramathma.
2.  Who created me? (Paramathma Svarupam)

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Sail MT Exam
Question Pattern:

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L&T Scholarship Exam

Qualifications: First-class graduates with minimum aggregate average of 65% marks in Civil

Civil Engineering - Career Opportunities & Future Scope of civil engineers

     B.Tech(civil) student now a days has the maximum chances in Govt. sector than anyone else.Freshers employed as trainee or junior engineer. Those who are skilled in this field have a chance to get promoted into the posts of Assistant Engineers, Executive Engineers etc. Engineering professionals in the field of Civil Engineering are required in fields such as Gas and Oil plants, Power generation firms, Construction of pipelines and water mains etc. The Railway recruitment Board is another major recruiter of B.Tech Civil Engineers. Candidates can also try their luck in the defense sector.

Civil Jobs
Your can get a decent government job through:
1.UPSC conducted IES,IAS,IPS,ISS
3.Indian Army
4.State Service Commisions (like TNPSC)

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