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Confusion to select the right job? Get clear now

If you are a job seeker and have seen various job postings, then you will know that analyzing a job is not a child’s play. A good job posting contains key words and phrases that HR resume scanning software and screeners are looking for. Initially all job postings look like millions of opportunities, but after a closer look you might actually have very few postings worth applying to.

Many job seekers don’t know how to analyze a job posting properly. Here are a few strategies which can help you make these tough career choices:

Trend Change: Stop with B.E, Don't go for M.E

Engineering institutes across the spectrum are finding it difficult to place students with masters degrees with companies preferring ‘less qualified’ graduates who come cheaper and are “easier to mould.”
The difficulty in placing senior students extends to tier-II institutions, and not just the premier Indian Institutes of Technology. “Companies wonder what additional value they bring to the table other than a little more maturity. It is unfortunate but today, those with more experience matter; not those with qualifications,” says P Thiruvengadam, senior director, Deloitte India.
The consulting firm has roped in a few hundred BTech engineers but none with a masters degree. “The problem to an extent lies with how Indian companies are structured. They simply don’t need too many people with masters degrees . That’s what is reflected during placements ,” says Amitabh Jhingan, partner, Transaction Advisory Services and National Sector Leader – Education, Ernst & Young India.

Paper Presentation - Tips (Civil Engineering Papers)

Importance of doing paper presentations:

  • It improves your communication skills (English speaking,Body language & Eye contact)
  • It improves your technical knowledge
  • It reduces your stage fear
Thats why paper presentation certificates are given much importance during placement interviews.

Step:1) Selecting a topic for presentation:
This is the first and very important step before we proceed, selecting a topic for presentation,
It depends mainly on how much it is useful for society or science  so that it attracts others view.
It should be a topic of subject and not a subject. many colleges give subject names as topics so we people think them as those are the topics we are restricted to, and search for a topic with exact subject name....this is a useless thing, remember everyone will do this, so there will nothing innovative in your paper if u do this...
then how to select a topic for paper?

Works of Civil Engineer & Work Sequence of Building Construction

Here the typical works of a civil engineer(Real estate project) is mentioned

The works can be divided into the following six categories:
          COMMON AREA

Structure (start to finish)
It includes everything like foundation,beam,column, masonry works,electrical,plumbing,painting and tiling works.

  1. The site boundary and marking pillars are marked and is cross checked with reference to the setting out drawing
  1. Receipt of approved current construction drawing for footing and excavation (Architectural & Structural) from Architects.
  1. Checklists for all the activities to be filled and approval taken.

Sobha Developers' Management Trainee's Training Program

Sobha Academy is the training centre of Sobha DevelopersLimited located in Jakkur,Bangalore. In this centre the company is training their engineers, supervisors and technicians. We management trainees had undergone a training of 1month.
Pic1. Sobha Academy
A typical day schedule:
6.00AM to 7.00AM Yoga and Physical Training
8.00AM to 8.15AM Breakfast
8.15AM to 5.30PM Class Room Training
6.00PM to 8.00PM Sports (Volley ball, Shuttle, Table Tennis, Carom, Chess)
8.00PM to 8.15PM Dinner

Pic2. Class Room

Pic3. Learning Centre

Pic4.Total Station Training

Sundays are holidays. We had more than 60 classes on various technical topics useful in site like Company’s Profile, Quality Standards, Drawing study, Marking and Setting Out, Earth work,Surveying, Concreting, Masonry, Water Proofing, Painting and Snagging, Planning, Costing and Estimation, Plant and Machinery, Power Tools, Electrical works, Plumbing Works, Construction Safety and PPEs, Form work and Scaffolding, Structural Glazing and metal works, Mesh and corner bead, Plastering, Tiles and Granite.

ASCE Smart Brief - Best Civil Engineering Newsletter

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How to join M.E with Tancet Score-TANCA & Cut-Off Analysis - Tancet m tech - tancet colleges- tancet score- cutoff for anna university me-GENERAL ADVICE FOR STUDENTS ATTENDING M.E COUNSELING- Tancet 2012 Results Out Alternate Website

Tamil Nadu Common Admissions ( TANCA ) is administered by Anna University Chennai on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu Common Admissions Anna University invites applications for admissions to M.E. / M.Tech. / M.Arch. / M.Plan. Degree Programs offered in the UniversityDepartments of Anna University, Chennai, Anna University of Technology Chennai, Anna University of Technology Coimbatore, Anna University of Technology Madurai, Anna University of Technology Tiruchirappalli, Anna University of Technology Tirunelveli, Government, Government Aided institutions, and seats surrendered by the Self Financing Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu for the academic year 2011 – 2012 through single window ( TANCA 2011 ) counselling.
The list of colleges and courses offered for admission through single window system is available in the Anna University Chennai website : www.annauniv.edu/tanca2011.

Tancet 2012 Results published at http://tancet.annauniv.edu:8080/tancet2012/result
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Get job without seeking companies - how can you find a job - how to look for a job

Social media resumes are important for attracting hiring managers directly to you, without you having to submit your resume, blindly, to them. The problem with submitting your resume online to job postings is that most job postings aren’t even vacant, might not exist, and 80% of jobs offers are received through networking.

Top Civil Companies in India & World

Top Civil Companies in the world:

VINCI is no.1 construction company of France and in the World.
BECHTEL is no.1 construction company of the United States of America.
HOCHTIEF is no.1 construction company of Germany.
CCCC Ltd. (China Communications Construction Company) is no.1 construction company of People’s Republic of China.
ACS Group is no.1 construction group of Spain.
SKANSKA is no.1 construction company of Sweden.
TAISEI is no.1 construction company of Japan.
SAIPEM is no.1 construction company of Italy.
STRABAG is no.1 construction group of Austria.

Civil Engg Books-Give Away by Depak Muniraj - engineering books list- Civil engineering Code / Law Books Download

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Civil Engineering Important Code Books Download:
IRC 6 2000
IRC 18 2000
IRC 21 2000
IRC 22 1986
IRC 24 2001
IRC 78 2000
IRC 83 Part 2
IRC 83 Part 3

All Civil Engineering IS Codes (Click to download)
IS 1
IS 2 
IS 5
IS 12
IS 35
IS 67
IS 195
IS  269
IS 277
IS 278
IS 287
IS 303
IS 383
IS 399
IS 401
IS 427
IS 428
IS 431_1
IS 432_2
IS 455
IS 456
IS 457
IS 459
IS 516
IS 524
IS 525
IS 650
IS 654
IS 655
IS 656
IS 659
IS 707
IS 712
IS 732
IS 771_1
IS 771_2
IS 771_3_1
IS 771_3_2
IS 771_4
IS 774_5
IS 771_6
IS 771_7
IS 772
IS 783
IS 784
IS 786
IS 787
IS 800
IS 801
IS 806
IS 808
IS 809
IS 811
IS 816
IS 817
IS 848
IS 851
IS 875 PART 1
IS 875 PART 2
IS 875 PART 3
IS 875 PART 4
IS 875 PART 5
IS 883
IS 962
IS 965
IS 1003 PART 1
IS 1038
IS 1064
IS 1077
IS 1080
IS 1081
IS 1105
IS 1121 PART 1
IS 1121 PART 2
IS 1121 PART 3
IS 1121 PART 4
IS 1122
IS 1123
IS 1124
IS 1125
IS 1126
IS 1127
IS 1128
IS 1129
IS 1130
IS 1141
IS 1149
IS 1150
IS 1161
IS 1172
IS 1195
IS 1196
IS 1197
IS 1198
IS 1199
IS 1200 10
IS 1200 11
IS 1200 12
IS 1200 13
IS 1200 14
IS 1200 15
IS 1200 16
IS 1200 17
IS 1200 1
IS 1343
IS 3370 4

IS 9013
IS 9077
IS 9096
IS 9103
IS 9104
IS 9142
IS 9172
IS 9188
IS 9394
IS 9417
IS 9456
IS 9556
IS 9736
IS 9901_1
IS 9901_2
IS 9901_3
IS 9901_4
IS 9901_5
IS 9901_6
IS 9901_7
IS 9901_8
IS 9901_9
IS 9902
IS 10005
IS 10013_1
IS 10013_2
IS 10013_3
IS 10018
IS 10067
IS 10108
IS 10124_1
IS 10124_2
IS 10124_3
IS 10124_4
IS 10124_5
IS 10124_6
IS 10124_7
IS 10124_8
IS 10124_9
IS 10124_10
IS 10124_11
IS 10124_12
IS 10124_13
IS 10224
IS 10262
IS 10270
IS 10280
IS 10292
IS 10297
IS 10303
IS 10322_1
IS 10322_2
IS 10322_3
IS 10322_4
IS 10359
IS 10360
IS 10400
IS 10403
IS 10428
IS 10439
IS 10440
IS 10442
IS 10446
IS 10505
IS 10566
IS 10661
IS 10689
IS 10701
IS 10704
IS 10708
IS 10711
IS 10712
IS 10713
IS 10714
IS 10714_20
IS 10714_21
IS 10719
IS 10720
IS 10721
IS 10772
IS 10773
IS 10790_1
IS 10790_2
IS 10850
IS 10856
IS 10894
IS 10905_1
IS 10905_2
IS 10905_3
IS 10957
IS 10958
IS 10959
IS 11050_1
IS 11050_2
IS 11050_3
IS 11064
IS 11065_1
IS 11065_2
IS 11077
IS 11089
IS 11096
IS 11114_2
IS 11114_3
IS 11114_4
IS 11115
IS 11134
IS 11150
IS 11152
IS 11188_1
IS 11188_2
IS 11188_3
IS 11205
IS 11208
IS 11215
IS 11216
IS 11252
IS 11288
IS 11307
IS 11360
IS 11384
IS 11386
IS 11437
IS 11447
IS 11460
IS 11472_1
IS 11472_2
IS 11504
IS 11525
IS 11621
IS 11650
IS 11663
IS 11664
IS 11665
IS 11666
IS 11667
IS 11668
IS 11669
IS 11670
IS 11679
IS 11682
IS 11713_1
IS 11713_2
IS 11713_3
IS 11713_4
IS 11810
IS 11817
IS 11818
IS 11857
IS 11883
IS 11906
IS 11907
IS 11925
IS 11993
IS 12049
IS 12053
IS 12054
IS 12070
IS 12073
IS 12077
IS 12089
IS 12093
IS 12115_1
IS 12115_2
IS 12115_3
IS 12115_4
IS 12119
IS 12120
IS 12138
IS 12175
IS 12183_1
IS 12192
IS 12206
IS 12209
IS 12251
IS 12252
IS 12269
IS 12301
IS 12303
IS 12309_1
IS 12309_2
IS 12314
IS 12330
IS 12349
IS 12368
IS 12377
IS 12407
IS 12423
IS 12432_1
IS 12432_2
IS 12432_3
IS 12433_1
IS 12433_2
IS 12440
IS 12457
IS 12458
IS 12459
IS 12466
IS 12467
IS 12468
IS 12469
IS 12506
IS 12518
IS 12583
IS 12584
IS 12585
IS 12592
IS 12594
IS 12600
IS 12608
IS 12629
IS 12634
IS 12635
IS 12643
IS 12645
IS 12647
IS 12654
IS 12679
IS 12680
IS 12682
IS 12709
IS 12710
IS 12722
IS 12727
IS 12744
IS 12747_1
IS 12747_2
IS 12747_3
IS 12770
IS 12776
IS 12817
IS 12818
IS 12823
IS 12830
IS 12834
IS 12835_1
IS 12843
IS 12867
IS 12879_1
IS 12879_2
IS 12879_3
IS 12879_4
IS 12879_5
IS 12896
IS 12955_1
IS 12955_2
IS 12976
IS 13000
IS 13001
IS 13008
IS 13026
IS 13030
IS 13045
IS 13063
IS 13074
IS 13077
IS 13081
IS 13089
IS 13094
IS 13116
IS 13129_1
IS 13129_2
IS 13129_3
IS 13129_4
IS 13174_1
IS 13174_2
IS 13182
IS 13183
IS 13185
IS 13204
IS 13205
IS 13253
IS 13276_1
IS 13276_2
IS 13286
IS 13291
IS 13311_1
IS 13311_2
IS 13317
IS 13356
IS 13372_1
IS 13372_2
IS 13383_1
IS 13383_2
IS 13383_3
IS 13407_1
IS 13407_2
IS 13415
IS 13416_1
IS 13416_2
IS 13416_3
IS 13416_4
IS 13416_5
IS 13430
IS 13543
IS 13592
IS 13607
IS 13612_1
IS 13613
IS 13622
IS 13623
IS 13713
IS 13716
IS 13727
IS 13736_1
IS 13753
IS 13754
IS 13755
IS 13756
IS 13757
IS 13801
IS 13808_1
IS 13808_2
IS 13808_3
IS 13808_4
IS 13808_5
IS 13827
IS 13828
IS 13874
IS 13916
IS 13920
IS 13935
IS 13957
IS 13990
IS 13994
IS 14002
IS 14003
IS 14011_1
IS 14011_2
IS 14011_3
IS 14012_1
IS 14132
IS 14142
IS 14143
IS 14181
IS 14181_1
IS 14181_2
IS 14181_3
IS 14182
IS 14188
IS 14201
IS 14203
IS 14213
IS 14215
IS 14223_1
IS 14241
IS 14242
IS 14243_1
IS 14243_2
IS 14246
IS 14268
IS 14276
IS 14313
IS 14314
IS 14315
IS 14333
IS 14343
IS 14344
IS 14399_1
IS 14401
IS 14402
IS 14435
IS 14458_1
IS 14458_2
IS 14458_3
IS 14461
IS 14462
IS 14485
IS 14489
IS 14561
IS 14562
IS 14580_1
IS 14581
IS 14593
IS 14632
IS 14633
IS 14665_1
IS 14665_5
IS 14671
IS 14687
IS 14688
IS 14689
IS 14732
IS 14735
IS 14750
IS 14763
IS 14765
IS 14766
IS 14767
IS 14768_1
IS 14768_2
IS 14787
IS 14804
IS 14810
IS 14835
IS 14842
IS 14850
IS 14851
IS 14856
IS 14858
IS 14862
IS 14871
IS 14884
IS 14896
IS 14927_1
IS 14927_2
IS 14930_1
IS 14930_2
IS 14959_1
IS 14959_2
IS 14960
IS 14961
IS 14978
IS 15021_1
IS 15021_2
IS 15021_3
IS 15021_4
IS 15025
IS 15054
IS 15057
IS 15093
IS 15103
IS 15105
IS 15183_1
IS 15183_2
IS 15183_3
IS 15259
IS 15330
IS 15339
IS 15369
IS 15372
IS 15373
IS 15374
IS 15418
IS 15431
IS 18001
IS ISO8042
IS ISO9000
IS ISO9001
IS ISO9004
IS ISO9248
IS ISO10005
IS ISO10006
IS ISO10007
IS ISO10012
IS ISO10013
IS ISO10015
IS ISO14001
IS ISO14004
IS ISO14010
IS ISO14011
IS ISO14012
IS ISO14015
IS ISO14020
IS ISO14021
IS ISO14024
IS ISO14031
IS ISO14040
IS ISO14041
IS ISO14050

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CIVIL CORE COMPANIES LIST - Civil Construction Companies

Essar Constructions Limited.
Essar House,11 Keshavrao Khadye Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai - 400 034.
+91- 22 – 24950606
+91- 22 – 24954324
Sobha Developers Ltd. – Chennai
Kothari Buildings, I Floor No.115,
Nungambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 034
Tel. :+91 44 – 2833 1901 -04 / 2833 1909 – 10 Fax : +91 44 – 2833 1906 Email : tpsanjay@sobha.co.in
Sobha Developers Limited – Coimbatore

Civil Software Give Away

Civil Engineering Softwares Give Away, Civil Engineering Hand books Give Away,Civil Engineering E-books Give Away, Health Tips Give away, Computer Tips Give Away.
 If you have any trouble in viewing this visit this link

Download our free civil engineering hand books for preparing exams at our download page.  

Concept behind Diabetes - Treatment for sugar diabetes- New treatment for diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is a lifelong (chronic) disease in which there are high levels of sugar in the blood.

 Concept of diabetics:

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to control blood sugar. Diabetes can be caused by too little insulin, resistance to insulin, or both.
To understand diabetes, it is important to first understand the normal process by which food is broken down and used by the body for energy. Several things happen when food is digested:

Civil engineering games-Games for civil engineers- Building games- builder game- edu games-civil engineer games

The Games-to-Teach is easy learning methodology for the next generation of interactive educational entertainment. There are games for math, science, and engineering education. Here we see especially civil engineering games for civil engineering students and for civil engineers.

City building games
     City-building games are a genre of strategy video game where players act as the overall planner and leader of a city, looking down on it from above, and being responsible for its growth and management.Player acts as planner and leader of city,responsible for growth and management. Choose building placement and city management features(salaries, work priorities,number of schools,etc).

Learn Vasthu Sasthram Free- vasthu sastra in tamil pdf- vasthu tips- about vastu- what is vastu shastra- house vastu- hindu vastu-vastu homes

" VASTU SHASTRA " is a voluminous and scattered ancient indian literature dealing with knowledge of architecture, iconography and art relating to structures and buildings.Vastu means proper place to live in. It should be habitable. Life require basic elements i.e. air, fire (light), water, earth and space. The house in which he lives should provide the benefit of these elements. This means he is well connected to the environment and ecology.

Hindu God Wallpapers for desktop Free download

Lord Vishnu Wall papers

Civil Engineering - A great profession

Career in Civil Engineering


Since time immemorial, human beings have been engaged in building all kinds of edifices. From huts made of mud to Taj Mahal, we have definitely come a long way. As civilisations matured, it simultaneously led to the development of bigger, better and diverse structures. From cave dwellings, human beings had moved on to construct houses, palaces, canals, dams, highways, and stadia. These civilian structures played a significant role in the development of human race and gave various dimensions to human life as various activities evolved: social, political, economic and recreational.

TANCET Exam Civil with Previous year Questions - Model question paper - previous year papers-


The Government of Tamilnadu have authorised Anna University for conducting the Tamilnadu
Common Entrance Test (TANCET) for admission to 1) M.B.A 2) M.C.A & 3) M.E./ M.Tech./ M.Arch./M.Plan Degree Programmes offered in colleges in Tamilnadu.

Download our free civil engineering hand books for preparing exams at our download page.   
1. B.E. / B.Tech. / B.Arch. degree programme
2. Candidates appearing for the final semester / year examination

How to buy a ups? -How to choose good home UPS? - what is the best ups? - cost of ups-

Power cut in India especially in Tamil Nadu increases day by day for the past few years. The reason is current demand is 10000 kW, but now we are not even producing 60% because of industrialization. Presently 8 hours of power cut is occurs. So for homes specially for commercial purposes we need UPS.
How to choose good home UPS?

JE Exam Civil - SSC Exam - CPWD Civil Exam

Junior Engineers
Eligibility: BE/B.Tech(Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering)
Diploma(Civil, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
Location: Anywhere in India
Job Category: Core Technical, Diploma, Govt Sector
Last Date: 10 February 12
Job Type: Full Time
Hiring Process: Written-test.
Job Details
Staff Selection Commission
JE Exam Civil

Power of Mind & Meditation -The power of subconscious mind - secrets of mind power- power of human mind- the power of mind book-meditation how to- free meditation

In this day and age of fast living and stress related illnesses, we need to find something that will bring a more balanced relaxed rhythm into our lives.

Need of meditation: 
1.  Reduces the amount of stress hormones released into the body
2.  Boosts the immune system
3.  Lowers the incidence of heart disease and strokes, and helps to regulate blood pressure
4.  It can also have a dramatic effect on your mental and psychological health
5.  You have a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem
6.  When you practice meditation, you’ll have less anxiety, anger and depression.
7.  You’ll tend to have better relationships and feel more fulfilled in your life.

First you know your mind better:

Bhagavad Gita Wallpapers - Quotes from bhagavad gita- bhagavad gita tamil

Gita Charam in tamil

Essence of Bhagavad gita - what is the bhagavad gita about- the bhagavad gita as it is- bg as it is

 Bhagavad gita is a part of Mahabharata and Atharvaveda is a holy book of Hindu. Lord Krishna answers  to Arjuna's questions (common man like us). Basically it answers to five common questions which is called Artha panchakam. They are:
1.  Who am I? (Jeevathma Svarupam)
2.  Who created me? (Paramathma Svarupam)
3.  Why I born? (Virodhi Svarupam)
4.  Which is Dharma (good action)? (Upaya Svarupam)
5.  What is the use of this birth? (Prapya Svarupam)
1.  Who am I? (Jeevathma Svarupam)
I am not my name.
I am not a body.
I am not mind .
I am a soul (Jeevathma)
Properties of soul:
1)No birth/No death, 
2)Doesn't undergo any change, 
3)Made of knowledge, 
4)We can't see, 
5)Only if it combined with body it can enjoy the joy and sad, 
6)It lies in your heart, 
7)Every soul is equal, 
8) It is a slave for God.Like your body is slave for your soul, it is doing work for you. Like that you need to work for god.Your brain does not have knowledge, but your soul have knowledge
9) Jeevathma is  slave for Paramathma(God) which lies inside Jeevathma. Jeevathma is  a body for paramathma.
2.  Who created me? (Paramathma Svarupam)

SAIL Management Trainee Exam - SAIL MT Previous Year Questions Download

     Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)  is one of the largest state-owned steel makers in India and one of the top steel makers in World.Training period(management trainee) salary 21000 p.m. After training period salary 7lakh p.a(Junior Manager)
Sail MT Exam
Question Pattern:

L&T Build-India Scholarship - M.Tech - Construction Technology & Management at IIT (Delhi, Madras)- Lnt ECC Career

ECC - the Construction Division of Larsen and Toubro - will sponsor fresh, deserving engineering graduates interested in pursuing M.Tech in Construction Technology in IIT (Delhi, Madras). The scholarships signify ECC's keenness to enhance industry-academia interface The 24-month course will begin in July of every year. 
L&T Scholarship Exam

Qualifications: First-class graduates with minimum aggregate average of 65% marks in Civil

Civil Engineering - Career Opportunities & Future Scope of civil engineers

     B.Tech(civil) student now a days has the maximum chances in Govt. sector than anyone else.Freshers employed as trainee or junior engineer. Those who are skilled in this field have a chance to get promoted into the posts of Assistant Engineers, Executive Engineers etc. Engineering professionals in the field of Civil Engineering are required in fields such as Gas and Oil plants, Power generation firms, Construction of pipelines and water mains etc. The Railway recruitment Board is another major recruiter of B.Tech Civil Engineers. Candidates can also try their luck in the defense sector.

Civil Jobs
Your can get a decent government job through:
1.UPSC conducted IES,IAS,IPS,ISS
3.Indian Army
4.State Service Commisions (like TNPSC)

Also go for PSUs like