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In this day and age of fast living and stress related illnesses, we need to find something that will bring a more balanced relaxed rhythm into our lives.

Need of meditation: 
1.  Reduces the amount of stress hormones released into the body
2.  Boosts the immune system
3.  Lowers the incidence of heart disease and strokes, and helps to regulate blood pressure
4.  It can also have a dramatic effect on your mental and psychological health
5.  You have a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem
6.  When you practice meditation, you’ll have less anxiety, anger and depression.
7.  You’ll tend to have better relationships and feel more fulfilled in your life.

First you know your mind better:

4 States of Mind: 
1.  Beta-Awaken state or Conscious Mind
2.  Alpha-Meditation state or Dreaming state or Sub-conscious Mind
3.  Theta-Deep meditation or Sleeping w/o dreaming
4.  Delta-Deep sleep or Coma or Unconscious Mind

    In this 4 states, Sub-conscious mind have very special power.Whatever you thinks in sub-conscious state, that will come true (This is the principle  of Kundalini Dyanam). Only your 5sense organs(Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Skin) is under control of your mind (Conscious mind). All other organs in your body (i.e,  heart, lungs, stomach, kidney, etc ) is under  the control of your sub-conscious mind.  Your mind have knowledge but sub-conscious mind don't have knowledge. Whatever you tells it will believe. If you think you are a doctor in that  Sub-conscious mind, It accepts it and you will act like doctor and you automatically moves towards your goal. For an example only choosing and eating food  is under control of your mind(You need to choose right thing) with your knowledge). Whatever you eats it will digest by sub-conscious mind(No knowledge).Whatever you are feeding in your sub-concious mind, your mind and body will work for that.

Step by step procedure to reach alpha state: 
1. Place: Clean,Calm, Aerated Area
2.  Dress: Loose, comfortable cotton cloth
3.  Prepare your body: Bath well with cold water and Take 10 deep breaths.
4.  Now we need to prepare the mind. Listen to your breath. for a while until you forgot about it.
5.  Now whatever your mind thinks allow it to think don't try to leave it. Then only you can enter into a peace state. (For an example, if you heard a sound listen to it, then automatically you forgot it)
6.  By doing this you forgot your 5senses and entered into an empty mind, this is sub-conscious mind.
7.  Now you need to fill the mind with good things like Imagine what you need to be in future like working as an engineer in the site (goal) or if you are sick think of walking healthier or think as studying in IIT.You need to play a video in the mind.

Use Imagination & Visualization (To make your dream comes true):
    Power of seeing with closed eyes. Media industry(TV) is destroying your imagination power. So avoid it and listen stories to develope imagination power. The more realistic image better result. Seeing in minds eye. Practice makes it. It is not just thinking about it. You must able to see your desire as if in reality.

All scientists followed this way:
Most of the scientists like Einsteen, if they didn't get any result they submit it to their sub-conscious mind and within few weeks they got the solution. They will see the answer in their mind eyes.

For beginners:
    Regular practice is must for meditation technique to work for you. Set specific time every day.Within few days nothing will come. Practice makes a man perfect...

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  1. I have started reading this book and the more I read, the more motivated I become. This book is neither about religion nor about motivation. It just explains what potential your subconscious has and this book has truly changed my way of life.


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