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Essence of Bhagavad gita - what is the bhagavad gita about- the bhagavad gita as it is- bg as it is

 Bhagavad gita is a part of Mahabharata and Atharvaveda is a holy book of Hindu. Lord Krishna answers  to Arjuna's questions (common man like us). Basically it answers to five common questions which is called Artha panchakam. They are:
1.  Who am I? (Jeevathma Svarupam)
2.  Who created me? (Paramathma Svarupam)
3.  Why I born? (Virodhi Svarupam)
4.  Which is Dharma (good action)? (Upaya Svarupam)
5.  What is the use of this birth? (Prapya Svarupam)
1.  Who am I? (Jeevathma Svarupam)
I am not my name.
I am not a body.
I am not mind .
I am a soul (Jeevathma)
Properties of soul:
1)No birth/No death, 
2)Doesn't undergo any change, 
3)Made of knowledge, 
4)We can't see, 
5)Only if it combined with body it can enjoy the joy and sad, 
6)It lies in your heart, 
7)Every soul is equal, 
8) It is a slave for God.Like your body is slave for your soul, it is doing work for you. Like that you need to work for god.Your brain does not have knowledge, but your soul have knowledge
9) Jeevathma is  slave for Paramathma(God) which lies inside Jeevathma. Jeevathma is  a body for paramathma.
2.  Who created me? (Paramathma Svarupam)

Not your parents. They cant even decide child should be male or female. It is purely the God.
Never think of god's property. Because it is very big. This whole universe which still we cant understand anything is only 25% of his property. It is called Leela viboodhi. 75% is Nithya viboodhi. He can take both of the world in his fingers. So never think about it. We are nowhere to him in terms of property. But be proud that we are the property of God, and never hesitate to think about the God.
3.  Why I born? (Virodhi Svarupam)

To destroy the mistakes(sin) we did in the last birth. Already we did so many mistakes. Don't do it again and again.
If you are working for your body's happiness then to get it you may choose wrong way and the sin increases more and more. You may get happiness or sad. But if you work for your soul's happiness you will get only goodness. For this god will also help you. Because he is your father. You and god having very close relation ship. If you move towards him one step ahead, he will come to you 100 steps. So you can easily reach him. Don't search happiness outside, It is inside only.

4.  Which is Dharma (good action)? (Upaya Svarupam)
 You need to control your Mind & Heart(Body & 5senses) and work for soul. You need to drive your mind in a good way.
3 Qualities(Guna's) :1)Sathva[Sathvigam], 2)Rajas[Rajo Gunam], 3)Tamas[Thamo Gunam]. When our Mind and Pancha Indhriyas[Five Senses] are dominated by 'Sathviga  Guna',We will have Fresh and pure mind;If our mind and Pancha Indhryas were dominated by 'Rajo Guna ' we will perform bad actions like Desire, Angry; If our Mind and five senses dominated by 'Thamo Guna',We will get sleep,desire,lust,lazy,bad thoughts.(Consuming Non - veg including onion, garlic increases "Thamo Guna") Consuming Veg Foods[like milk,Fruits,ghee..],reading good books,knowing good ideas,habits,and character of Good persons,Good thoughts,Meditation,Yoga,Devotion,Devotional Music,Doing Good actions,Helping good Peoples,Sharing Good Messages with Good Persons will increase "Sathviga Guna" in us.If Sathviga Guna Increases our thoughts,Words and Actions will be Good.
 Follow 3 Yogas or Surrender yourself to God:
1) Karma Yogam:
* Bath daily in early morning with cold water
* Always tell truth
* Don't hurt anybody in terms of both body and mind
* Don't get desire on other properties
* Do what you told
* Do your prescribed job with 3 thoughts: 1)I am not doing, 2)I'm not doing for any benefit, 3)Never think I'm working to get rid of my sin.
 2) Jnana Yogam:
* Know you are a slave to God
3)Bhakti Yogam:
* Always think about god
* Serve the god
* 5senses sensing god
Saranagathi: Saranagathi or surrender is the approach in Srivaishnavism for god.Resolve to do only such acts as are favourable to supreme god.

5.  What is the goal of this birth? (Prapya Svarupam)
 To enter into the Vaikundam, the place where the god lies. Sorgam & Naragam were temporay places where you will stay only few days till the power of your karma. Again you will born in this earth. But if you do saranagathi, then you never come back to earth and you can stay at vaikundam.

Take Home Message: Gita doesn't tell to serve the god physically, but mentally . Do your job with consciousness of God.


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