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Paper Presentation - Tips (Civil Engineering Papers)

Importance of doing paper presentations:

  • It improves your communication skills (English speaking,Body language & Eye contact)
  • It improves your technical knowledge
  • It reduces your stage fear
Thats why paper presentation certificates are given much importance during placement interviews.

Step:1) Selecting a topic for presentation:
This is the first and very important step before we proceed, selecting a topic for presentation,
It depends mainly on how much it is useful for society or science  so that it attracts others view.
It should be a topic of subject and not a subject. many colleges give subject names as topics so we people think them as those are the topics we are restricted to, and search for a topic with exact subject name....this is a useless thing, remember everyone will do this, so there will nothing innovative in your paper if u do this...
then how to select a topic for paper?