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Works of Civil Engineer & Work Sequence of Building Construction

Here the typical works of a civil engineer(Real estate project) is mentioned

The works can be divided into the following six categories:
          COMMON AREA

Structure (start to finish)
It includes everything like foundation,beam,column, masonry works,electrical,plumbing,painting and tiling works.

  1. The site boundary and marking pillars are marked and is cross checked with reference to the setting out drawing
  1. Receipt of approved current construction drawing for footing and excavation (Architectural & Structural) from Architects.
  1. Checklists for all the activities to be filled and approval taken.

Sobha Developers' Management Trainee's Training Program

Sobha Academy is the training centre of Sobha DevelopersLimited located in Jakkur,Bangalore. In this centre the company is training their engineers, supervisors and technicians. We management trainees had undergone a training of 1month.
Pic1. Sobha Academy
A typical day schedule:
6.00AM to 7.00AM Yoga and Physical Training
8.00AM to 8.15AM Breakfast
8.15AM to 5.30PM Class Room Training
6.00PM to 8.00PM Sports (Volley ball, Shuttle, Table Tennis, Carom, Chess)
8.00PM to 8.15PM Dinner

Pic2. Class Room

Pic3. Learning Centre

Pic4.Total Station Training

Sundays are holidays. We had more than 60 classes on various technical topics useful in site like Company’s Profile, Quality Standards, Drawing study, Marking and Setting Out, Earth work,Surveying, Concreting, Masonry, Water Proofing, Painting and Snagging, Planning, Costing and Estimation, Plant and Machinery, Power Tools, Electrical works, Plumbing Works, Construction Safety and PPEs, Form work and Scaffolding, Structural Glazing and metal works, Mesh and corner bead, Plastering, Tiles and Granite.