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Confusion to select the right job? Get clear now

If you are a job seeker and have seen various job postings, then you will know that analyzing a job is not a child’s play. A good job posting contains key words and phrases that HR resume scanning software and screeners are looking for. Initially all job postings look like millions of opportunities, but after a closer look you might actually have very few postings worth applying to.

Many job seekers don’t know how to analyze a job posting properly. Here are a few strategies which can help you make these tough career choices:

  • Write a pros and cons list: Try breaking the list up into categories such as content of the work, work environment, salary and benefits package, quality of life, and fit with long-term vision.
  • Seek counsel of trusted advisors: When making a big decision, it’s helpful to talk it through with people you can trust. These could include career counselors or other trusted people in your life.
  • What kind of company is this: The biggest red flag in a job posting is when it doesn’t say anything about the company.
  • What do they expect in a candidate: If a specific position is listed, look for qualifications and requirements. Keep in mind that, when a posting includes requirements, that means they are required.
  • Level of responsibility: Look carefully for clues about the level of responsibility. A role as head of marketing at a small company is not the same as marketing manager with a well-known brand.
  • Job title: A job ad title is indicative only and may not reflect the true title. Some titles may be quite confusing due to company specific terminology.
Sometimes we get trapped into feeling like a decision is so enormous and irrevocable that it paralyzes us from making it. So remember, that you can always change your mind after committing to the job for a few months.

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