Marking with total station

        Marking is the process of establishing temporary frames of references, so as to use them to complete a given activity according to its dimensional and positional requirements
        Marking helps in maintaining
       Dimensional accuracy
       Nullifying or minimizing errors

Price of total station is starting from one lakh rupess varies upto 10lakhs based on features and accuracy.

We recommend SOKKIA for optimal usage.,

First step we need to take permanent benchmarks and transfer it to the site.
Then TBM(Temporary Bench Mark) need to be established in the site.
There co-ordinates (longitude and lattitude) with GPS device need to be marked down. From there as a reference, we need minimum two back sight which co-ordinates are known.

So instrument can  be setup and new points can be marked now.(i.e foresight)
Surveyor operating total station

Marking Meson Marking the points
Marking Meson with pencil & Right Angle

Parts of Total Station
Depak.M operating T.S

Surveyor feeding the backsight data

Column outer points are marked in yellow colour & In red colour grid lines are marked.

Surveyor's foresight