Bar Bending Schedule

Bar Bending Schedule


Bar bending schedule is made by engineers/supervisors in site from the detailed reinforcement drawings received from the structural consultants.

It is for the exact quantity calculations as well the uneducated bar benders can understand only BBS and not the reinforcement drawings given by the structural consultants.

bar cutting by bar bender

Also it helps in steel wastage because of proper planning.
Typical Reinforcement Drawing

Typical BBS Schedule

Manual BBS:
Need to be expert in all the formulas. Manual bending and machine bending the formulas will vary.

Basic Formulaes

Master Formulaes and Shape Codes

BBS Softwares

There are two types of software are available in the industry.
i) Fully automatic software which has the ability to generate BBS directly from AutoCAD drawing.
Go to the following websites for these types of software.

Software Interface
ii) Semi automatic software which needs manual input, and the program automatically calculates the cutting length and weight and generate a picture of the shape.
Go to the following websites for these types of software.

For both types of software “shape code” is used to identify different types bend profiles.
These are the international standard shape codes:
India- IS2502:1999
UK- BS8666:2005
US- ACI-318
Australia- AS3600
New Zealand- NZS3101
South Africa- SABS-82:1997 

Link to download free excel sheet program... Master with this first.