Conventional Shuttering - Formwork

VERTICAL FORMWORK (Footings & Columns)

1.All components are arranged for making with proper spacing of runners as per formwork drawing (Plywood, 2*4 runner, 4*4runner, Nails)

2.Diagonal Dimension has been checked.(Corners are at right angle)


3. Tie rods are in proper place and in tight position
4.Adjustable props are fixed properly with Form sides and aligned
5.All Sides are in plumb along the vertical direction
6.Proper scaffolding is made for pouring of concrete around the Formwork

1.The formwork system is resting on the proper leveled and compacted ground\RCC Slab.

2.Formwork Components has been arranged

3.The extension of the Base jack and u head is not more than 280mm


4.Primary beam (6"X4" Timber\Peri Girders) resting properly over the U heads. Minimum bearing length of the primary member should be the width of the Primary member.

5.The cantiliver length of the primary beam must not be more than 250mm from the centre of the U head

6.Above that acrospan and MS Sheets are placed.

7.The face of Formwork are clean and shuttering oil is applied properly on the surface.