Shuttering (Form Work) - Aluminium Form Work (S-Form) - Mivan shuttering

Advantages of aluminium formwork over conventional shuttering:

1.High speed (4days over 10days slab cycle)
2.Quality of surface finish smooth
3.More accurate
4.Higher repetition (200times over 50times)


1.The Marking for the wall is done as per the drawing & the entire area is cleaned before start of work

2.All Formwork has been cleaned and coated with approved release agent

3.All Flat ties installed & All P.E wall tie sleeves correctly installed

4.External & Internal wall vertically adjusted accordingly

5.Verticality and alignment of Door Openings & Alighnment of all internal walls & all necessary sleeves for electrical and plumbing items

6.Check all required pins and wedges are installed and secure

7.Verticality of all prop lengths & no vertical movement in the Prop lengths

8.Slab soffit formwork level

9.Door spacers, Alignment walers, Vertical Soldiers, All kickers, All kicker bolts, All Rockers installed

10.Ensure all working platform brackets are securely fastened to the concrete structure