Latest Construction Material Prices - Best Brands - Tamil Nadu

Following latest construction material prices in tamil nadu

Types: Slag Cement/PPC/OPC 43/ OPC53Price Band: varies between Rs.290 to 380Weight per bag: 50kgsExpiry Date: 12weeks/3months2 types of pack:HDPE Poly Pack – 10Rs lesserPaper Pack


Msand concrete grade: 4000 per unit
Msand Plaster Grade: 5000-7000 per unit
River sand
Rs.5500-12000/- per
                                   1 unit is 100 cft


12mm Jelly
Rs.35/ cft

20mm JellyRs.40/cft

40mm JellyRs.38/cft


Clay BricksRs.5-7.5/nos

Flyash BricksRs.4.5-6/nos

Concrete Blocks
Hollow Blocks

Solid Blocks

Porotherm Blocks

AAC Blocks


             Fe 500 TMT - Price varies from 41500 to 51500 per ton. (1ton is 1000kg)
8mm dia
10mm dia
12mm dia
16mm dia
20mm dia
25mm dia
32mm dia

MS Binding Wire
Rate: Rs.36-50 / kg
18gauge to 20gauge
GI Binding Wire
Rate: Rs.58-65 / kg
Gauge: 20 to 22 gauge

Putty & Paints

                     Putty: Rs.900-1050/40kg bag
                  Paints: Rs.125/litre to 600/litre


Ceramic Tiles 
Rs. 30-400/sq.ft 
Vitrified Tiles (Poccelain)
For Regular Size 32’’×32’’- Rs. 60 to 160/sq.ft
For Medium Size: >32’’×32’’- Rs. 100 to 200/sq.ft
Big Size : 1m × 1m – Rs. 160 to 500/sq.ft



10.Wood Items

Teak wood Most elegant and durable woodMain Door, Pooja room1 cft of burma teak cost Rs.6,500/- 
Sal wood(Kongu)  -
Door and Window Frames1750/cft

In India, plywood is available in several dimensions but a few standard sizes are as follows:Length : 2440 mm (8 ft), 2135 mm (7 ft), 1830 mm (6 ft)
Width : 1220 mm. (4ft), 915 mm (3ft)
                      Thickness : Standard plywood panels are available in  4, 6, 9, 12, 16, 18, 19, 25 (mm) 
 normal ply panel consists of at least 3 plies and can extend upto 15 plies or more
                Plywood can be sub-divided into four groups, depending upon specific applications:\
               • Structural (BWP | IS 10701)
               • Exterior (BWR/BWP) • Interior (MR | IS 303) • Marine. (BWP | IS 710)
             Rs.39 to Rs.119 per sqft
             Laminated Ply: Rs.620 to 1000

11.Electrical Items – Wires, Switches, Fixtures

                          2Module Box Rs.74
                          2Module Switch Plate Rs.62
                          6A Switches Rs.98
                          15A Switches Rs.150
                          6A Socket Rs.101
                          15A Socket Rs.216
                          Regulator Rs.350

1sqmm wire : Rs.1100 per 90m coil

12.Plumbing Items – Pipes, CP Fittings, Sanitarty Fittings, Tanks

                           Wall Mount     4000+
                           Floor Mount    2000+
                           Wash basin      1000+
                           Taps                   500+
                           Wall Mixer       2000+
                           Shower               800+