How to get Civil Engineer License in India

In India, engineers with a bachelor's or master's degree in engineering or technology from a university are allowed to practice as consulting engineers—They must be licensed or registered with municipalities in order to submit public plans, designs or drawings for approval and record.

For example, If you want to practice civil engineering in Coimbatore district, then you need to get license from Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation.  For Salem, For Chennai  All the municipalities are directly controlled by Council of Architects,New Delhi.

Four types of licenses are there. 
1.Licensed Builder 
2.Licensed Surveyor (LBS-Licensed Building Surveyor)
3.Licensed Architect 
4.Licensed Structural Engineer
Here I have attached the application form for licensed surveyor.

Apart from Local Municipalities, National Level Licenses are being issued by Institution of Engineers.

Institution of engineers (India) was granted British Royal Charter in 1935, and admits engineers holding the above degrees as a corporate member (AMIE) or chartered engineer.
Four types of memberships are available.
    1.Chartered Engineer (C.Eng) - The most prestigious civil engineering membership in India. If you have this membership then you no need to have the Local Municipality Licenses. You will be exempted from their policies. details
    2.Fellow (FIE) - 40+ age required. Detailed Information
    3.Member (MIE) - 30+ age required. Detailed Information
    4.Associate Member - 21+ age required. Detailed Information

Note:In America, P.E Exam need to be taken to get the license.