Water Tank - Buying Guide

Most of us the name when we pronounce water tank the word comes in mind is sintex...Ya Sintex is producing best water tanks in India

Sintex tanks are required for more than 70% of the population who construct houses and others who use these tanks to store water. Here in this article you will get the details of the varieties and its cost analysis which will be useful before purchasing sintex tanks.

There are three varieties in Sintex tank available in black and blue which are used regularly. 

Sintex White tank vs Black tank vs Renotuf vs Reno

1. Triple layer
2. Double Layer
3. Reno quality (Renotuf and Reno)

Triple layer qualities of sintex tanks are durable and strong. It is the first grade with ISI mark. 

The benefits of triple layer which are not found in double layer are:-
1. A white layer which is in between the two layer acts as a protection to the water which does not allow quick algae production. 
2. It also keeps the water free from PVC odour. 
3. The first outer layer acts a sun protection; hence this quality is more durable than double layer. 

The Reno quality is best suitable for household uses which is used as overhead tanks in most of the houses to store water. This is the cheapest quality used for regular use. 

Rates Comparison(2012):-

For 500 Litres the rate for triple layer will be Rs. 6.40 per litre, double layer will be Rs. 5.40per litre and Reno will be Rs. 3.40 per litre

For 3000-4500 Liters the rate will be between Rs.6.60-7.00,Rs.5.20-5.60 for double layer, Rs.3.60 for Reno variety.

For 6000-8500 Liters the rate will be Rs.6.90-7.50,Rs.5.50-5.90 for double layer and Rs.3.90 for Reno.

Note: The above rates exclude transportation and taxes. The rates may vary from state to state and city to city. These rates are approximate figures only for Mysore, Karnataka. 

Blue color sintex tanks are given more preference because black absorbs enough sunlight thus the durability will be lesser than the blue. After placing the order, the shopkeeper will take 2-3days to deliver the product as the 3000ltrs and above will be usually kept in godowns or will be procured only on orders. 

Finally, in conclusion the above information is just to give you initial information of the product.

By Depak Muniraj