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The Games-to-Teach is easy learning methodology for the next generation of interactive educational entertainment. There are games for math, science, and engineering education. Here we see especially civil engineering games for civil engineering students and for civil engineers.

City building games
     City-building games are a genre of strategy video game where players act as the overall planner and leader of a city, looking down on it from above, and being responsible for its growth and management.Player acts as planner and leader of city,responsible for growth and management. Choose building placement and city management features(salaries, work priorities,number of schools,etc).

1.Cities XL (Latest Version: Cities XL 2012) Download

2.Sim City (Standard Edition:Sim City 3000,Latest Edition:Sim City DS2,Other Versions:2000(1994),3000(1999),4(2003),DS(2007),Societies(2007),DS2,Creator(2008)) Download
3.Ancient Cities Building Games:
 (i)Roman Empire     
    * Caesar IV
(ii)Ancient Egypt    
    * Pharaoh
    * Cleopatra
(iii)Ancient Greece
    * Master of Atlantis: Poseidon
(iv)Ancient China

Bridge Building Games
1. West Point Bridge Designer
2. Simplified free version Bridge builder Download
3.Full version Chronic Logic-Brige It
4.Pontifex III
5.Bridge Construction Set Download

Construction & Management Games
1. Transport Tycoon
2. Rail road tycoon- Theme park construction (helpful for Civil+MBA students) 

Highways Engineering Games

Fluid Mechanics Engineering Games
Structural Engineering/Building Games

1.Bob the builder (Versions:Can-Do Carnival,Can-Do Zoo,)
2. Dreamhaus - Know basics of shapes

Real Estate Game:
Soil Mechanics/Excavation Games:
These games will let you learn to excavate like the professionals. In the game you form your own civil engineering company. “Success is in the soil!” they excitedly cry. So you develop your business, and purchase bigger and better equipment, even a steam roller!. So you can know about all excavation equipments with their names and function.

Environmental Engineering Games:
2. Daedalus' End - Investigate dams

How to make your own Civil Engineering Games:
Visual Basic is a free easiest fun software for making games/software/applications.
Read Download PDF about making civil engineering games:

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  2. Hope u left the world top rated city Building game, After seeing many players playing it and its growth s increasing double the amount every day the sim city has been launched... The Game is "City ville".

  3. Hope u left the world top rated City building game ever.. After seeing it's extreme growth double day by day as well as the player "Sim city" is launched. The Game is "City ville".

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  6. Transport Tycoon is well and alive, just google for OpenTTD! :)


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