IITM Summer Fellowship Program- Summer Internship in IIT Madras for third year engineering students

This is an internship program to enhance the awareness and interest in research for the UG & PG students. During this program the students need to do a mini project based on their field of interest and the facilities available within a period of 2 months.
Project: Based on the field of interest mentioned in the Application form, they will
allot the project guide and the guide will assign a suitable project to you. Each person need to do separately.
Period: Generally 2 months (May16th – July15th of every year).How ever based on the students and staff convenience the period can be slightly adjusted (i.e.5 to 10days).
Expenses: For this period a fixed stipend of Rs.6500/- will be given at the end of the camp. If you need to stay in IITM hostel then initially you need to pay Rs.6100 for 2 months food and accommodation charges.
• 3rd year student of B.E./B.Tech./B.Sc. (Engg)/Integrated
M.E./M.Tech. programme
• 1st year student of ME/M.Tech/M.Sc./M.A, MBA
Selection Criteria:
• People those who did lot of presentations (Papers,Posters)
• Experience in projects
• Knowledge in Technical softwares such as Staad Pro, Mat Lab, ArcGIS, AERMOD etc.
• In plant Training
• 80% or more in UG/PG
• GATE, GRE exam scores
• Unique Talented persons
Tips for selecting Area of interest:
• Civil Engineering students can also apply for Ocean Engineering Department (separate application downloaded from Ocean engg department) (less competition)
• 5 divisions are in Civil Department (Application can be downloaded from www.iitm.ac.in during 2nd week of January then need to get permission from college and send back before 15th February)
o Environmental Engg (less competition)
o Structural Engg (more competition)
o Geo tech
o Transportation

The filled up application form along with the enclosures send to IITM:
1. Original Study certificate from the Head of the Institution
2. Attested Photocopies of the Marks cards issued by the University
3. Attested Photocopies of the Rank certificates, papers presented, design contests participated, projects executed, score /rank in Mathematics Olympiad, any other awards/distinctions obtained etc.
4. Two page write‐up on the intended project work at IITM.
No of students:
Each year nearly 35-40 students from all over the country are selected.
Additional Information:
Not only project work, They are conducting so many lectures (3-4 per week) and arranging for site visits (eg: SERC, Port, On site construction works, Metro Project, Labs,etc) where you can really know so many practical things.
9AM-8PM daily work will be there. 1PM-2PM lunch break. Usually seminars will be 3PM-4.30PM. Saturdays and Sundays will be holiday.
Inside campus you can get all basic needs (like soap, pillow, bucket, pen drives, DVDs etc).Also have Barbour shop, Restaurent everything.
Lap top will be most useful one during this Program. You will get High speed internet (4Mbps Download speed) for free.
Mess will have both South Indian Food as well as North Indian Food and food will be good. People who are staying in hostel need to know washing their cloths (There won’t be Dhobi)

2011 IITM Summer Fellowship Candidates:
1. Tariz Zyad - NIT Suratkal - Prof. Ashwin Mahalingam
2. D. Naganandhini - TCE, Madurai - Prof. Ravindra Gettu
3. Vandhana Mary Jacob - MNM Jain college - Prof. Radhakrishna Pillai
4. Praveena Nannapaneni - SVNIT - Prof. Manu Santhanam
5. J Vasugi - PSG College, Coimbatore - Prof.Ravindra Gettu
6. Kamala Mahadevan - College of Engg. Trivandrum - Prof. Manu Santhanam
7. Sima Kumari -NIT Durgapur -Prof. Manu Santhanam
8. T. Loganayagi - CEG, Guindy - Prof. Ravindra Gettu
9. M. Harini - SASTRA Univ., Thanjavur - UoP (Prof. Koshy Varghese/Radhakrishna Pillai)
10. AK Harikrishna - Amrita School of Engg - UoP (Prof. Koshy Varghese/Radhakrishna Pillai)
1. K. Indu Soumya - RVR & JC college of Engg., Guntur - Prof. BN Rao
2. Riya Dutta - NIT Durgapur - Prof. CVR Murthy
3. K Anoop - NIT Calicut - Prof. Arun Menon
4. Deorat Abay Khandeshe -VNIT, Nagpur - Prof. Satish Kumar
5. Ann Abraham - NIT Calicut - Prof. Devdas Menon
6. Ram Kishore - NIT Trichy - Prof. A. Meher Prasad
7. Syed Nihas - SJ College, Mysore - Prof. A. Meher Prasad
8. V. Radhika - CEG, Trivandrum - Prof. G. Appa Rao
1. Asmita Gupta - VIT, Vellore - Prof. K Srinivasan
2. K Kavin Mathi -TCE Madurai - Prof. Balaji Narasimhan
3. M Depak - Sona College, Salem - Prof.Shiva Nagendra
4. Adarsh B. Vasista -Malnad college, hasan - Prof. Indumathi Nambi
1. Maithili Mohanty - NIT Rourkela - Prof. Dalinaidu
2. Partha Pratim Debnath - Dr. MGR University - Prof. K. Rajagopal
3. Karthikey Dogra - NIT Hamirpur - Prof. Subhadeep Banerjee
4. Amiya Prakash Das - Biju Patnaik University - Prof. Thyagaraj
5. V. Aswetha - NIT Rourkela - Prof. Boominathan
6. D. Gayathri - Dr. MGR University - Prof. Boominathan
7. Madhu Subhash Chandra Gupta - NIT Hamirpur - Prof. K. Rajagopal
8. Dipti Kumari - Biju Patnaik University - Prof. Gandhi/ Prof. Dali Naidu

1. S. Padma - Anna university - Prof. R. Sivanandan
2. Shimna paulose - MG University, Kottayam - Prof. Murali Krishnan
3. Srividya Sekhar - NIT Tiruchy - Prof. Gitakrishnan Ramodurai
4. Roushan Bharti - NIT Trichy - Prof. Lelitha Devi
5. S. Shanmuga Priya - CEG, Anna university - Prof. R. Sivanandan
6. Shashank Bhatnagar - SRM University - Prof. R. Sivananadan
7. Sharon Jacob - Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology - Prof. Lelitha Devi
8. G. Saijananai - CEG, Anna university - Prof. Gitakrishanan Ramodorai

Gajendra Circle


Himalaya Mess

Class Room

Entire Project Team

Traffic Monitoring

Air Pollution Monitoring
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  1. If they will allot a project, what the two page write-up should be about??

    1. To know your interest they are asking. If that project is available (facilities and faculty), then they will allot that project. Otherwise you need to do the project what they are telling.

  2. Any idea when the results for 2013 internship would be out?

  3. is there any poster presentation or some sort of seminar at the end to showcase the project work done by each??

    1. Ya. You need to submit the thesis and also need to make Power point presentation and present in the panel of 5-8 staffs.

  4. Will the students of non-iits be allowed to do internships(in CIVIL ENGINEERING) at IITs? Would it be an advantage if we have known students studying that particular branch at that particular IIT?

    1. Ya students from any college can apply for Internships in IITs. If the student studying in IIT have good relationship with his professors he might help you...

  5. when the results for 2014 internship would be out ???

  6. when the results for 2014 internship would be out ???


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