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Dr.Depak Muniraj, B.E(Civil), MBA, Dr.Ac

With over 200 crores worth project deliveries under his belt, Dr.Depak Muniraj is a successful project manager in the project management division of Sobha limited. He has completed 3 projects in past 9 years across India : 1)Sobha International City Gurgaon, A super luxury villas project in the National Capital Region (New Delhi), 2)Sobha Valley View, A luxury apartment project in the Bangalore & 3)Sobha Arena, Kanakapura Road, Bangalore A super luxury residential apartment project . He is known for his superior leadership qualities and exceptional project delivery skills with perfect quality and speed. He got his patent rights from Sobha Ltd for the innovative ideas in the project execution methodologies.

Dr.Depak Muniraj interacting with Mr.Ravi Menon, Chairman, Sobha Limited & Mr.Raghubalan, QST Head regarding an innovative idea & Received two innovation patents from Sobha Limited.

Depak Muniraj received his Bachelors degree specialized in civil engineering from Sona College of Technology affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. He was identified by Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur as one of the top civil engineering students across the nation and given vigorous training to become the successful civil engineer by Cdr.Suresh Ailwadi in IIT-Kanpur. He completed his bachelor degree projects in Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He then continued to receive a Masters of Business Administration from Annamalai University, Chidambaram. 

International City Gurgaon
He obtained his Doctoral degree in Acupuncture in the year 2008 much earlier before his civil bachelor degrees , from The open International University Faculty of Alternate Medicines, USA and become the India’s youngest doctorate. He served as a doctor also in the Cosmic Clinic and Research Institute, Salem for 5 years.With the collective knowledge from his guru's Dr.Baabu Charles & Dr.Fazlur Rahman who is the Father of Indian Acupuncture, he formed a basic life cycle to be followed in routine life . He says "Allopathy can never understand nor cure any disease because it never relate the body with mind and soul, where only eastern treatments can do". He give free guidance and financial support for the cancer patients.

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Depak Muniraj is running a civil engineering training institute “Dr.Depak Muniraj Academy ®to guide and train the fresh civil engineers and real estate customers the right way in the real estate industry as a service to the civil engineering community. His academy’s articles got published in various International Magazines like Builders Line, Construction Business Today, etc. He is honored by American Society of Civil Engineers with Civil professional achiever award. He conducted more than 50 workshops and guest lectures and presentations across the Nation.

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